Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fellow Time Warner Workers - Follow Us Here..........

This site is dedicated all the workers at the Time Warner Cable. In these tough economic times it is very stressful for every middleclass family when it comes to worrying about work or what will happen at work.

This site is where we the working class can freely speak our minds and discuss what is best for us without fear of reprisal for how we speak or feel.

It is less stressful when you work under a written contract. After all is said and done - the bottom line is that the workers wanted a contract.......and THEY made that happen.

Sometime soon - We will hold an election - after we talk about it here - and it will be successful because it is being handled by the workers themselves - as a group............all for a contract.

We are PRO-TIME WARNER.........We are also just PRO- TIME WARNER WORKER

PRO-OURSELVES that is.....pro-ourselves!
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Check back here frequently for updates, information and the truth.

This will be the official site for all of our fellow employees to cross check any information given out by those who are being paid to stop you from joining Local 363.